From rushed Belgrade to procedular pearl of Adriatics - Tivat

Serbia’s enchanting landscapes are a true feast for the eyes and soul. Whichever region of Serbia you choose to visit, you are guaranteed to leave with lasting impressions of its magical scenery and unrivalled experiences.

Montenegro stands on the edge between the east and the west. Different civilizations crashing and colliding have left the most beautiful marks between the wrinkled mountainous face of this fascinating country. Roman floor mosaics, Illyrian gray castles, Venetian stony walls, vibrantly painted Orthodox monasteries, ornamental Catholic churches, modest and minimalistic mosque minarets and plane socialist style buildings will tell you about Montenegrin rich cultural history.

Airport GND TWR APP Metar
LYBE LYBE 220600Z 13006KT CAVOK 04/01 Q1017 NOSIG
LYKV LYKV 220600Z 13003KT 0300 R31/0400D R13/0375N FZFG VV001 M01/M01 Q1020 NOSIG
LYNI LYNI 220600Z VRB01KT 6000 0600SW R29/P2000N R11/0800U BCFG SCT003 00/00 Q1021 TEMPO 0300 FZFG BKN002
LYUZ No metar information
LYPG LYPG 220600Z 02002KT CAVOK 04/00 Q1022 NOSIG
LYTV LYTV 220600Z VRB01KT 9999 SCT053 00/M00 Q1021 NOSIG

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