From rushed Zagreb to the beloved resort - Dubrovnik

From the shores in the South Dalmatian islands bathed by the gently sun of the Adriatic Sea to the top of Dinara, the highest peak in the country, through swamps filled with wildlife in Posavina or the Mediterranean richness of the forests in Mljet… Croatia’s natural beauty never ends. Dive into one of the ecologically best-preserved parts of Europe since the 10% of the country is protected. Explore its 8 National Parks and 12 Nature Parks among which are the Plitvice Lakes, the only natural good recognized by UNESCO. Its sea is the purest in Europe according to the European Commission and some of its beaches are considered the most beautiful locations in the world.

Airport GND TWR APP Metar
LDOS LDOS 220800Z 16008KT CAVOK 05/02 Q1015
LDZA LDZA 220800Z 21005KT 180V240 CAVOK 09/03 Q1013 BECMG 22012KT
LDRI LDRI 220800Z 16010KT 120V210 9999 SCT027 12/07 Q1015
LDPL LDPL 220800Z 17004KT 080V250 CAVOK 12/09 Q1015 NOSIG
LDLO No metar information
LDZD LDZD 220800Z 10006KT 9999 FEW050 08/05 Q1018 NOSIG
LDSB LDSB 141300Z 31010KT 280V020 CAVOK 11/M07 Q1021
LDDU LDDU 220800Z 09006KT 060V130 9999 FEW028 11/03 Q1020 NOSIG

Approved controllers

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