We offer ATC service in 7 FIRs. We also offer training for anyone who wishes to try how it is to be on the other side.


VATAdria is combining a lot of interesting airports and specific airspace situations. Challenging and procedural approaches are numerous, known, and famous airports will provide traffic situations to your satisfaction.

Safe but fast

Safety is our number priority. But with that in mind, we always aim to give you shortest possible route with best views of Balkan's beautiful scenery.


Join us on Tuesdays for our regular online day starting at 18/19z. Friday/Weekends are reserved for special ops and training. Also, our Yearly and special events are here to spice up a weekly routine.

VATSIM Adria is a great place for you to start ATC training. With more then 30 airports, there is more then enough airports for you to choose.


We organize many events, from regular ones like Adriatic Weekly to special ones like CTL 2020!

Unseen Adria: Zadar
02. Jun 2023. - 16:00

Hello, we have a new event series for you! Every few weeks, we will be opening a small, relatively unknown airport somewhere around Adria for your convenience. This week, we have Zadar. As with ...

Controller Practical Test (S2) Belgrade (LYBE)
03. Jun 2023. - 15:00

Hello! We have another trainee who is ready for their Controller Practical Test. Fly into or out of Beograd in order to help Gabriel prove he is worthy of his S2 rating, all traffic is welcome, ...

Adriatic Training Sunday
04. Jun 2023. - 15:00

Welcome to another Adriatic Training Sunday! This week we are opening Zagreb and for the first time in a long while, Tirana! Feel free to fly out of either of these airports or even fly between ...